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Dr. Marianna POÓS

…as a strategic local partner, we are offering our pharmaceutical wholesaling services to manufacturers, marketing authorization holders and distributors interested in introducing their products in the Hungarian market. Our expertise provided to our existing and future partners regarding product launches and distribution includes the provision of market intelligence and analysis, the administration of product registrations and notifications, the provision of complex logistics services as well as the establishment of the appropriate sales channels…

Launching a new product on a local market is always a challenging task. The process itself is complex; it has comprehensive regulatory, quality systems related, logistic and commercial aspects. First, a well-established working relationship is needed with the national regulatory agency to handle all the appropriate administrative procedures (such as registration, notification or licensing) pertaining to the introduction of the product in the local market. Then, sales channels are required to be opened with pharmacies, public and private healthcare institutions, and other wholesalers. Also, companies new to the local market need a reliable logistics base where their products are processed, stored, picked and packed and delivered to the buyers according to all the regulatory requirements. Our company excels in providing all the above-mentioned services to wide array of international partners while acting as their exclusive distributor in Hungary.

ANIKA THERAPEUTICS is a US-headquartered international corporation specialized primarily in the manufacturing of medical devices. The viscosupplementation product line (ORTHOVISC, ORTHOVOSC-T, MONOVISC and CINGAL) of the company is being exclusively distributed in Hungary by PHARMAROAD KFT. since 2008. These hyaluronic acid based products are injected into the synovial fluid surrounding the joints to ease osteoarthritis pain, improve mobility and hence the quality of life for patients. From 2020, our company will also be in charge of distributing HYALOFAST in the Hungarian market. HYALOFAST is a non-woven 2×2 cm or 5×5 cm biodegradable hyaluronic acid-based scaffold for hyaline-like cartilage regeneration. It is used for the entrapment of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) to arthroscopically treat both chondral and osteochondral lesions in the knee and ankle.

LABORATORIES INELDEA is a prominent French pharmaceutical company specialized in the manufacturing and international distribution of dietary supplements. Our company has been acting as the local strategic partner of LABORATORIES INELDEA regarding the marketing, promotion, and sales of ARTROBIOL-PLUS in Hungary since 2018. ARTROBIOL-PLUS is a plant- and mineral based nutritional product consisting of several key ingredients, such as glucosamine, chondroitin and bioactive proteins (Osteol™). The product is designed to protect joints in the human body and eliminate or alleviate any potential joint pain. In the future, we expect our collaboration to grow further with LABORATORIES INELDEA since the French manufacturer has several other products that could be successfully introduced in the Hungarian market.

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