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Pharmacy Supply Division

Head of Pharmacy Supply Division

Dr. Livia SIMON

…besides the giant pharmaceutical wholesaling operators in Hungary, there is a substantial need in the local market for smaller-scale service providers offering more customer-centred services while preserving operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our company strives to establish long-lasting and trust-based relationships that revolve around tailor made services, favourable price settings and mutually beneficial commercial structures …

Pharmacies are the last bastions of the supply chain of medicinal products to the general public. Operating them successfully from a regulatory, commercial and logistic point of view, requires wholesaling partners that meet high professional standards in multiple areas simultaneously, such as procurement, storage, distribution, picking and packing or quality control. Pharmaceutical wholesalers in Hungary operate in a strictly controlled environment where the key commercial variables (prices, margins, etc.) are centrally approved by regulatory authorities. As a result, business success in this domain, revolves around large volumes, economies of scale and operational efficiency. In addition, in a national market where above 90% of all wholesaling turnover is dominated by a few larger-scale operators, it is a substantial challenge for small- and medium sized, independent wholesalers to remain competitive. However, we at PHARMAROAD KFT, are convinced that even in a duo-or triopolistic market environment, there is still a need for smaller scale operators offering tailor-made, customer-centric services that are based on trust and personal relationships. Hence, we strongly believe that choosing our company either as a primary or a secondary supplier is a sound business decision for any pharmacy in Hungary.

Our company’s ultimate strategy is to share the benefits of being a smaller and more flexible business operator with our pharmacy partners by offering individualized commercial constructions along with flexible, punctual and reliable services. Such personalized approach to pharmacy clients includes custom-made pricing schemes and delivery schedules as well as individually differentiated terms and conditions. We are committed to continuously expand our portfolio of services as a company in general and as a trusted supplier of over 250 pharmacies in particular.

Our commitments to our current and future business partners inlcude:

  •     Tailor-made general commercial terms and conditions (payment terms, frequency of deliveries, etc.);
  •     Individualized incentive systems based on multiple factors (volume, product-mix, etc.);
  •     Quick, flexible and reliable handling of customer requests,
  •     BISNODE AAA, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 50001 certified operations;

Historically, our pharmacy supply division started its operations in 2012 servicing a handful of selected pharmacies in Budapest and Pest county only. As a result of our attractive and individualized offers to potential clients; the number of our supplied pharmacies reached 250 by early 2019 and is constantly increasing. Between 2018 and 2019, our geographical coverage within Hungary has substantially expanded as well. Currently, our trucks make daily deliveries to pharmacies in the city of Győr and Budapest as well as the counties of Pest, Heves, Nógrád, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, Komárom-Esztergom, Tolna, Somogy, Baranya, Fejér and Bács-Kiskun. To the city of Szeged and the county of Hajdu- Bihar deliveries are made twice a week.

As a prerequisite for a successfully operating pharmacy supply division, our company is in direct business relations with the most important manufacturers, marketing authorization holders and wholesalers in the Hungarian market. Our portfolio offered to pharmacies includes a variety of prescription and over-the-counter products, medical devices, nutritional supplements and a broad spectrum of controlled drugs (psychotropics and narcotics). With this range of products, we can confidently cater for around 70% of all the required product needs for any pharmacy in Hungary. At the same time, by contracting with newer and newer suppliers we continuously strive to further expand our portfolio.

For those independent pharmacies who are willing to work with a smaller but more flexible wholesaler as their primary supplier, we have created the Pharmacy Partner Program (PPP). Involvement in the PPP allows the participating pharmacies to exploit the economic advantages of taking part in a formal procurement program without any restrictions in other business or operational areas and hence losing their independence. Member pharmacies in the program are entitled to receive substantial discounts on products offered by those selected manufacturers and marketing authorization holders with whom we have preferential business agreements.


Az elmúlt évek gyógyszerpiaci trendjeinek változása, a franchise programok terjeszkedése az önálló, független gyógyszertárakat hátrányos helyzetbe hozta a gyógyszerpiaci versenyben. A mellett, hogy a PHARMAROAD KFT. kedvező áraival, egyedi konstrukciójú kedvezmények biztosításával, mint megbízható, rugalmas, gyógyszer-nagykereskedelmi szállító egyre nagyobb teret kapott a független gyógyszertárak életében, célként tűzte ki, hogy segíti partnereit önállóságuk megtartásában ezért hívta életre Patikai Partner Programját.

A program 10 prominens gyártó részvételével, közel 500 termék kedvező beszerzési lehetőségét biztosítja kombinált konstrukciójú gyártói együttműködések keretében a programban résztvevő gyógyszertárak részére. Partnereink informatikai és marketing támogatásban részesülnek, illetve a program folyamatainak nyomon követésére komplex riporting rendszer áll rendelkezésükre.

A program a kedvező beszerzési lehetőségek nyújtása mellett a partnerek önállóságának tiszteletben tartását tartja legfontosabb célkitűzésének.

Az elmúlt években, a programban ajánlott kedvezményszintek emelkedésének és az informatikai fejlesztéseknek köszönhetően a résztvevő gyógyszertári és gyártói partnerek száma fokozatosan növekedett.  Napjainkban is folyamatos a fejlődés, hiszen az új piaci kihívások új gondolatokat ébresztenek és megoldandó feladatokat jelentenek, melyeket a Pharmaroad Kft. tudásával és tapasztalatával kezel és gyógyszertári partnerei szolgálatába állít.

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