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We provide a complex portfolio of wholesaling services to several manufacturers and marketing authorization holders active in Hungary. From our Budapest based main facilities (2300 mm and 2800 mm) we excel in providing logistics support to our partners.

With an extensive product portfolio of around 9000 products stored, handled, and transported in three temperature ranges and including drugs with psychotropic and narcotic substances, we sell around 12 million units of medicines for human use annually.

The processing of all incoming purchase orders - including their administration, picking, revision and packing – is conducted meticulously by a team of 60 logistics and quality management experts working in two different shifts at our facilities.

Goods to our local customer base including 400 pharmacies, healthcare institutions and other wholesalers are delivered by a fleet of vehicles that meet the highest standards regulatory and industry requirements for the transportation of medicinal products.

Our colleagues are widely experienced in all aspects of the pharmaceutical wholesaling processes including the handling of incoming consignments; the picking, packing and delivery of orders, the management of returns and recalls and the destruction of products.

We deliver goods to partners all across Hungary; our trucks regularly visit all major cities (Budapest, Győr, Szeged, etc.) as well as Pest, Heves, Nógrád, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, Komárom-Esztergom, Tolna, Somogy, Baranya, Fejér, Bács-Kiskun and Hajdú-Bihar counties.

Systematically investing in the continuous professional and personal development of our colleagues contributes to the fact that we process around 600 individual orders including 50 000 boxes on a daily basis with a margin of error less than 0.01 %.

At our main facility in Budapest, we are licensed to store and handle a wide assortment of goods including narcotic and psychotropic drugs (Schedules K1,K2 and P2, P4) as well as goods in three different temperature ranges (2-8 C / 8-15 C / 15-25 C).

As a result of the business development efforts of our Hospital Supply Division, our company has become one of the internationally most embedded pharmaceutical wholesalers in Hungary with a widespread network of suppliers worldwide.

We offer a wide portfolio of services to our existing and potential partners including our assistance in acquiring a wholesale distribution authorization (WDA) in Hungary as well as access to well-established local sales channels to pharmacies, hospitals and other wholesalers.

Several commercial partners use our facility as a regional logistics hub, for these companies we provide full scale administrative, inventory and quality management related services with regards to the processing of their import-export consignments.

With our licenses to handle psychotropic and narcotic drugs and a physical infrastructure to manage products in three different temperature ranges, we have the capability to handle around 99% of the products registered in Hungary.

Among our 9000 listed products, we offer a broad assortment of prescription and over-the-counter medicines, psychotropic and narcotic drugs, vaccines, medical devices, diagnostic equipment, wound care products and nutritional supplements.

The precise operation of our company and a strict adherence to the guidelines on good distribution practice is guaranteed by a team of highly trained quality management experts and a highly sophisticated and tailor-made inventory management system.

Our quality management experts are well-versed in the applying guidelines of good distribution (GDP), good manufacturing (GMP) and good clinical (GCP) practices as well as the requirements of several international ISO standards (9001, 14001 and 50001).

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